Ultimcore Softswitch solution

Resellers management :

You will have a complete management of your resellers. First of all, you'll be able to create your billing plan and insert your call charges. Then you will be able to create / edit your resellers and assign the billing plan that best suits to your reseller activity. Once the reseller account is created, it will have access (via the ultimcore interface) to the reseller account management, as well as its customer accounts and billing plans. Your reseller will be able to create different types of accounts :

  • Callshop : the callshop interface will have a managing billing plans and its cabins, and the establishment of a taxation software with encashment of cabins and call history.
  • IP Centrex : allow managing lines and configuring them as you want (voicemail, fax, call diverting, call in cascade...), useful for SMEs
  • Terminations : the termination interface provides the management of several types of extensions : SIP, IAX, prepaid card, callback and the management of billing plan.


50 users

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100 users

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300 users

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unlimited users

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