Softswitch solution - Features

  • Managing operators / interconnections :
    You can manage (add and edit) the different incoming and outgoing interconnections. Furthermore, you can also choose the type of interconnection (IAX or SIP) ...
  • Managing routing rules :
    Ultimcore allows you to manage different routing rules (route, block, process) and perform different routing (adding, replacing and removing prefix)...
  • Dashboard :
    The Ultimcore interface will be provided with a dashboard comprising a plurality of options ...
  • Resellers management :
    You will have a complete management of your resellers. First of all, you'll be able to create your billing plan and insert your call charges. Then you will be able to ...
  • Sales management :
    Customers and resellers will be able to recharge their credit account communication via paypal. Once payment is confirmed, the account will automatically be credited with the amount paid...
  • Call history :
    Display the call history of your vendors / customers. You have at your disposal a search engine allowing you to select the call history for a period of your choice, and the accounts that you want...


50 users

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