Ultimcore, VOIP Softswitch solutions

Have more than one services: IAX, IP Centrex, Callshop, prepaid card ... in your Softswitch solution Ultimcore

Ultimcore, Softswitch solution

Get a complete and professional Softswitch interface for managing your server VOIP.

  • interconnections
  • Routing rule
  • Reseller Account
  • Credit recharging
  • DID
  • Call History
Softswitch Solution

Ultimcore, Softswitch rental

  • CPU: XEON 4 Coeurs
  • RAM: 12 Go
  • Connection: 1 Gbs
  • VoIP protocols :
  • SIP/IAX IP Centrex
  • Audio codecs :
  • G711 / G729ab
  • Video codecs :
  • H261 / H263 / H263 + / H264

Ultimcore, Softswitch rental

Rent your Ultimcore solution, the most complete Softswitch solution in Marketplace.

Complete management of the server : reseller Account, operators, routing rules, billing plan...

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Ultimcore, Softswitch solution

Ultimcore Softswitch solution allows you to manage all your server and offering a multitude of services and features...

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Ultimcore Pricing & Plans:


50 users

Learn more 49€/month


100 users

Learn more 89€/month


300 users

Learn more 240€/month


unlimited users

Learn more 495€/month
  • Interconnections : choose the VOIP operators which you want to connect with your interface
  • Routing rule : configure your own routing rules according to your needs.
  • reseller Account : manage resellers accounts (billing, authorizations ...), allowing them to manage their account: IP Centrex, callshop, termination ...
  • Credit recharging : Each account can recharge credit directly via paypal
  • DID : manage your numbers and assign them to the desired accounts.
  • Call History : get a detailed call history, with CSV export.


Softswitch solution very easy to understand, flexible and complete management interface. good luck! Ultimcore

Damien Krokowicz Laib
Auditing C. A.